I leave the womb in the south of England, straddling a continent, to a Japanese father and British mother. 

Grow up in Japan attending international schools, where awkward is normal, and no one belongs. Aged 12, plunged into British boarding school. In subtle rebellion, study Chinese at university, befriending scientists and acquiring a sensible understanding of the world.

Move to Taiwan, seeking something. Discover a donation-based yoga shack, stretch and breathe every day, and find in myself an untapped wellness: a wholeness. Taiwan is soft, steeped in ethereal ambiguity, providing a comfortable climate for acceptance, the falling away of resistance.

Determined to un-halve my self I move to the Japanese mountains, and then Tokyo, resolved to 'become Japanese'. It was not possible, and I continue to make peace with this. 

I return to Taiwan and discover taichi daoyin, a movement practice that heals based on Taoist principles and spirals. The openness leads to mysterious encounters, synchronicities and discoveries - an awakening, a returning... 

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