All the tools you need to feel whole are already within you. 

However, healing doesn't happen in isolation. 

I did my best to not 'need' anyone on my healing journey for a very long time. 


Asking for help tends not to come easily - this can be down to all sorts of belief patterns, attachment tendencies, and social stigma. 

For me, when I experienced my first healing crisis, no one I knew had ever experienced what I was going through. From my perspective at the time, I was totally alone in my journey, and had to figure the answers out for myself.

As soon as I finally asked for help, I started to receive guidance.

Looking back, I can see that there was always far more help available than I was able to allow in.


But I needed those years to whittle down my pride and pretence to learn to be vulnerable enough not only to ask for help, but to actually receive it.

I was only given the amount of help I was ready to receive.



You see, you are actually surrounded with help and guidance, and once you energetically align with the will to receive, the support will manifest.


If you are here reading this, it means you have arrived at that place of readiness. You are ready not only to ask for help, but to receive.


How much help you are willing to receive is proportional to how much you are willing to change. 

You are cosmically supported. 

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healing is not a one-time event. 

healing is a process. it is an unending interdance with infinitely shifting factors. 

in order to reach a state of wholeness, by definition, we need help, guidance and support from a whole range of people and systems.

I can be one of those guides for you.


I can help bring to awareness some of the patterns that are keeping you stuck or unhappy.


I can help to guide you into closer interaction with your intuition and your body. 


I can help you to re-route neural pathways and release blockages. 

I can help guide you into embodied trust of the universe and yourself.


I can help, but I cannot do it for you. We are never alone in this work, but we need to do the work


We are interdependent, and this is the gift in humanity. 

If you are committed to healing and shifting your inner landscape, you will nurture and manifest the support you need, outside of my service.


This support may come in the form of friendships or family connections; communities; holistic health practitioners and therapists, and/or Western medicine practitioners. 

My help and guidance is intended as one of the many threads that form the tapestry of your journey.