healing bundle

I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to identify core issues and discuss how sessions run. 

Thereafter, sessions are each 1.5 hours long. I suggest committing to at least 3~4 sessions, and leaving at least one week between each session to allow you time to process the material and any emotions and realisations that arise.


You can also book one-off sessions when you feel guided in the future.  

The sessions consist of exploring and identifying themes that require healing, bringing awareness to the patterns that may be subconsciously driving your behaviour and decisions.


I help you to clear these limiting patterns and replace them with new, more aligned beliefs using an integration of talking therapy with Taoist energetic and medicinal techniques. 

I set "homework" in a review after each session, all personalised for you.


This is because healing is a continuous practice, and these tools will help you remain aware of your triggers, thoughts and feelings.


We all need sustained commitment to healing, and support to hold us accountable. 

Homework might consist of some or all of the following, depending on what is suitable for you:

Guided meditations 

based on Chinese Five Elements theory, grounding, and breath work

Movement practice (ch'i movement therapy

Journal prompts

all sessions are conducted via Zoom.

for your free introductory consultation.