working with me

I offer an integrative mentoring service based on animist-Daoist approaches to healing interdependently.

I work in two ways. 


1. Somatic guidance

We begin with a complimentary 30-minute call to give you an idea of how I work with the body, breath and mind. Thereafter, sessions are 60 minutes long.

Sessions are highly personalised to suit individual needs, with the general intention to regulate the nervous system and recalibrate to a sense of safety within the body.


This may involve ch'i-based movement, breathing exercises, and medicine meditations based on Chinese Five Elements theory. 

No movement or meditation experience is necessary. 


2. Mentoring


We begin with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to identify core issues and discuss how sessions run. 


Thereafter, sessions are 90 minutes long. I suggest committing to at least 3~4 sessions initially, and you can book one-off sessions when you feel guided in the future.  

These sessions are more in-depth, exploring and identifying patterns that may be subconsciously informing your behaviour and decisions.


In bringing awareness to this conditioning, in conjunction with somatic guidance, we can help to introduce new patterning that is informed by a more empowered narrative. 

Healing is a continuous practice. I offer the space and the tools that will help you remain aware of your triggers, thoughts and feelings.


We all need sustained commitment and support to hold us accountable to this process. 

Sessions are conducted via Zoom, unless we are able to arrange in-person meetings. I am currently based in West Yorkshire. 

for your free introductory consultation. 



theta-healing and integrative therapy course facilitated by Shannon O'Flaherty


ongoing work with counsellor Helen Stone


intensive taichi daoyin 大極導引 study in Taiwan


retreat and tour leading in rural Japan

2017 ~ 2020

yoga and qi-based movement study with Mana Yoga


yoga teacher training course in Tokyo 

2014 ~ 2015

rural and farm living in Japan 



yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India

2015 ~ 2019

mentorship with David Listen

since 2013

multiple ten-day vipassana silent retreats

since 2013

yoga and movement teaching


BA Hons in Chinese Studies (Oxford University)

since 2012

yoga practice


fluency in English, Japanese and Mandarin


bilingual and bi-cultural upbringing (Japan and UK).