ki yoga / 氣瑜珈

photo credit: Sari Gluckin

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ki yoga intro

While my formal yoga training was taken at schools in Rishikesh and Tokyo, my true education came through daily practice at a donation-based yoga shack in Taipei, and with Mana Yoga in Kyushu, Japan. 


Vipassana sitting meditation and movement practises based on the flow of ch'i (ki in Japanese) have also contributed to how I experience the body, mind and movement.

Through techno, 5 rhythms and contact improvisation, I have a strong intuitive connection between bodily needs and how movement can help channel, express and alchemise what is stiff or stagnant.

I combine my understanding of ki with my background in yoga to lead flowing, meditative classes. 


What is ki 氣?

Yoga practitioners may be more familiar with the notion of prana, often translated as 'life force'. It is the nebulous invisible energy that gives vitality to everything within and around us.


Ch'i (in Chinese), or ki (in Japanese) is a similar concept. The character is composed of two parts: 'air' and 'rice', a marriage of the ethereal with the material. Movement practises such as taichi ch'uan and ch'i gong use ancient wisdom to balance and restore the flow of ch'i within the body. 

Taichi daoyin is a less globally known movement practise, which I studied in Taiwan. The movements are extremely slow and deliberate, resulting in a trance-like meditative state. We move in spirals using the whole body, with a focus on the lower dantian, also known as the hara. It is effortless yet powerful, clearing the meridians and allowing energy to coarse. 


Spirals are found everywhere in nature, from flowers and ferns to weather patterns and the solar system. The spiral is therefore not only symbolic, but an actual manifestation of movement, evolution and generation. These slow spinning movements based on holistic understanding of the human condition are compellingly powerful.

taichi daoyin spiral

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