In these epochal times I would like to offer my services as an objective ear to help guide those who may feel lost in the chaos, or pained by strained relationships.


Please contact me here if you would like to arrange an online mentoring session. 


As I am in training, sessions will be donation-based; please give what you are able. I will send separate instructions for payment.


~my background~

I am currently in training for a Diploma in relational centred counselling. Through my career, I've had the fortune to help guide people into closer relationship with themselves, others and nature. 


My journey began with a degree in Chinese Studies, which took me to Taiwan. I spent a few years here studying ancient Daoist movements, meditation, and teaching yoga.  


I have spent half my life in Japan, where in adulthood I had the opportunity to experience ways of life from bygone centuries. In the Japanese mountains I led forest-based walking trips and retreats, working with the most enchanting yoga, qi gong and Zen practitioners. 


I combine my experiences to provide a safe space for you to explore your concerns and emotions. 

pic by earthdreamer on ilkley moor

relational therapy

We only exist in relationship: from our conception to the grave and beyond, we are interdependent.


Our physical bodies are composed of elements which arose from and will return to Earth. Our sense of self in these bodies is derived from relationship with other beings, nature, and spirit.


Relational centred counselling helps us to mindfully explore our experience of ourselves in the context of an empathic relationship between client and therapist. This provides a safe, nurturing space allowing us to reflect on our relationships both present and past, and how we can inhabit our human experience more fully. 

We are nothing on our own.

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