my Patreon page includes seasonal channellings for ancestral and animist healing through writings, meditations and movements, aligned with the cycles of the seasons.

my work is in devotion to the integration of light and dark, to the animist spirit that lurks within us all, to chaos and okay-ness with the chaos, to returning Meaning to the journey of Being.


your support for this work is received with deepest gratitude.

I have always had an issue with 'structure'. I have never understood the work week, five days of toil then two to recover.


My body has rejected the working day. Modern Western constructs of time management and allocation, structure and scheduling, have simply been incompatible with the needs of my body. This perceived 'inability to structure' has been debilitating, instilling a sense of unworthiness at being apparently incapable of keeping up with the unreasonable demands of an over-worked world. 

The truth is, my body and yours are a part of the natural rhythms of the Earth as she spins and orbits through each year.


Structuring my days around the Sun, my weeks around the Moon, my years around my ancestral traditions - which are centred around the seasons, the climate, the landscape - is deeply healing for me, my body, my sense of worth. I hope that these seasonal prompts will be helpful for you too. 

Due to the seasonal nature of these prompts, they will often be more relevant to those in the northern hemisphere, in temperate climates. But being also of a cosmically channeled nature, they will hopefully also carry a resonance to any and all who are guided to this Patreon page.