311: in memory of past disaster and in celebration of present life

Nine years since the great mythical catfish writhed beneath Japan and engendered a roll of energy which life has been riding ever since. Mother Earth ripping apart her hymen and roaring at us to pay attention.

How much fear can we expect to smother before she hands us something we can no longer ignore? Unleashing, now, intergenerational fear we have collectively refused to acknowledge, which we have no remembered experience of locating or alchemising, manifesting as panic and separation, a compulsion to segregate - black and white, good and bad, clean and unclean.

Striving to save ourselves in bubble wrap. Sterilising our surroundings at the cost of our humanity. Sanitising, murdering, the miracle of microbiome we hold in our palms and guts.

This is an opening, a puncture in the fabric of everything we've understood to be right and true, poised to explode into a gaping hole releasing the mystery and joy that lie just over the edge of fear.

Decoding our ancestry back to its subterranean roots. Sending them love love love. Acknowledging the ferocity of their love for us, the forests they planted for imagined conceptions, offspring they would never know, the blood they bled and aches they held in order that we may live with more light. Gratitude, and now, taking ownership for our present. What choices can