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aquarian equinox, 2020

written on 21 March 2020


As dusk falls, the whole world, 

Navy and still, two short months,  and a century ago A mist clung to our windows then,  A memory of peach walls and linen The resonance of hugs, doves, and dew, when  Blackbirds and pigeons coo-cooed I left Japan to escape her quakes But my limbs now quiver, knees buckle.  The lilac horizon, a dawn so soft She breaks all that is hardened and brittle. Families, hysterical,  haemorrhaged, exposed! Was it fear of feeling, or love, transposed? Fingering beech, stroking his skin The rainbows he holds in his sheen Fingering earth, crumbles in creases She sings with rich mineral peat Her dirt and I writhe in cervical night Exposing a spectrum of loving delight Conceiving conception immaculate bright  Baring chests to wild moonlight While cathedrals and empires collapse outside We sail our ship a cross heaving tide We go, robed in velvet, amber and pearls Like martyrs waltzing on epochal hurls. Poetry as food Sunlight as water Mixing our fluids tears and laughter Becoming One cell, tiny and myriad. Humbled, we weave  On the wings of white angels - No moment as relevant as now. ReplyForward

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