on vaccination, cross pollination, and death practice

It’s vax time~!

Aka, it’s time to address the unavoidable truth of our interconnection and regulate our nervous systems to be okay with the unknown, illness and death so we can have discussions that engage with complexity rather than shaming, dividing and judging :)

I had been planning to share about something quite different this month, but the past few days have been shoving this topic in my face and probably everyone else’s. I’m sensing a war-like dynamic surfacing — perhaps something that has always existed but emerging more evidently now as our inability to be with the realities of illness and death are exposed.

I was walking in the park yesterday when two lads from the local council approached me. They were gentle and young, and they asked if I’d had the vaccine. I was initially shirty, which made me realise I was on the defensive. But they were sincere in wanting to know my reasons for not having had it. I thought I’d better practice this nervous system regulation thing and decided to engage.

I explained to them that I’ve had bad reactions in the past, and that it’s not possible to know how I might react to this one. I don’t want to risk it at this time, with this vaccine so new on the market. They were very understanding and respectful. I appreciated them, and our interaction — the absence of hostility, the lack of attack in their energy allowing me to soften my own defences.