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Politeness as violence

Politeness Not only is an armour for cowardly individuals But an active colonial violence That has caused the collapse of families, friendships and cultures Empires founded on trickery Tricking the 'uncivilized' With shiny lies and shimmering manners In gentlemanly trousers And artificial shoulders. Civilization Has been the poison Creating separation We started wearing masks centuries ago Centuries before this 'pandemic' The mask of how we appear to others The mask of how we appear to ourselves The mask of idealism, Telling ourselves that the problems Are there Not here Not inside of ME A shining specimen of perfection Deaf and blind to condemnation pushing down the darkness With a gleaming dose of niceness 'Niceness' is the virus These are my observations of the British reaction to a global pandemic A crazed clinging A manic escapism A deranged denial of death Manifest as a hyper-politeness to varnish and garnish the grossness of life In the microcosm of every lockdown living situation Politeness Dropping like bombs in walls between rooms For the term non-violent communication to make sense and be effective, we have to re-imagine our notions of violence. Politeness is violence Meekness is violence I am not sure how many people I am reaching I am not sure how many people hover Who feels repulsed or threatened by my words? Who feels totally confused? The only engagement I receive (typically) is of encouragement and agreement If anyone wants to contest what I say Please do, please do Because this message is not from me This message comes from Source and it is finding words and structure through me - and the message needs the help of those who feel wronged or confused by my expression, so that it can communicate and infiltrate in a more meaningful, beautiful, integrated way.

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