one - one mentoring


My offerings may be of service to you if:


  •  You would like to take better care of your physical, mental and/or emotional wellness, but don't know where to begin.

    • You have tried mindfulness apps/yoga classes, etc, but nothing has quite landed for you. ​

  • You have established routines that work for you, but need help keeping yourself accountable.

  • You are often stressed or anxious, and have difficulty 'coming down' from the work buzz.

  • You simply want an hour to switch off and be guided through movement and mindfulness tailored for you. 

  • You feel overwhelmed by your commitments and find it difficult to make time for yourself.

  • You want to explore therapeutic movement and mindfulness techniques to complement your existing wellness rituals. 

  • You feel stuck, lost, or low in energy or motivation.

  • You have a desire to communicate more effectively and strengthen relations with those around you.

  • You feel overwhelmed by world events and want to be able to come back to centre, regulate your nervous system, and feel at peace in spite of everything.

  • You struggle with identity and belonging (particularly cross-cultural) and need support contextualising your sense of self. 

  • You're just curious. 

Somatic Guidance Sessions

We begin with a complimentary 30-minute call to give you an idea of how I work with the body, breath and mind. 


Thereafter, sessions are 60 minutes long.

These are personalised to suit individual needs, with the intention of regulating the nervous system and recalibrating in a functional way.  

A typical session may run like this: 


5~10 mins conversation

20~30 mins breathing or movement guidance (qi gong/yoga)

15~30 mins mindfulness/relaxation

5~10 mins review


Regular sessions will help to hold you accountable for consistent practice and integration of the methods in daily life. 

No movement or meditation experience is necessary. 

Sessions are available on a sliding scale of GBP55~80. 

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