Somatic Mentoring

“What do you do?”

“I remind busy people how to slow down.”

That’s the short answer. 

Most of us operate within the myth of capitalism, largely out of necessity. 


There is a sense that we must always be doing something, or at least seen to be doing something, in order to prove our worth. 

This is not to dismiss productivity, efficiency, or hard work, but to acknowledge that sometimes we are thrown out of balance by the need to be constantly active.

I am here to remind you that there is another way of being. 

Even as you sit here reading this, I want you to consciously relax your jaw.

Drop your shoulders away from your ears.

Take a slightly deeper breath in, into your lungs, expanding your back.

Relax your feet.

Let your weight fall into the ground.

Drop your hands to the side for a moment.

Maybe look away from the screen, look into the distance, de-focus your gaze. 

Notice how different you feel already. 


The link between the mind-body axis is now widely accepted, the interconnection between the state of the mind and the physical body shown to be true in scientific studies. 

The trouble is that even if we 'know' cognitively that a certain behaviour or routine is helpful to our wellbeing, it takes time, energy, and commitment for this to become a habit. 

We might also be on a search for what works. All sorts of meditation apps, yoga classes, videos, online courses, retreats... the search itself can be exhausting.

While I cannot claim to be 'the one' for all, I may be able to help with some foundational steps and direction. Take a look here to see if we might have potential working together.


What is Somatic Guidance?

I use a combination of movement and meditation techniques to guide awareness into the body, harmonising the often fragmented aspects of our emotional, mental, physical and intuitive bodies. 


The techniques we use in sessions are accessible to all. No prior experience of movement or meditation is required. 


My approach has a focus on practical functionality. We cover what you are ready to cover. We address what arises when it arises. And we always come back to the body, to the safety of shared space. 

The movement is gentle and easy, involving simple qi gong (energy work) informed by my daoyin studies, as well as some movements drawing from yogic traditions. These will help to guide you into experiencing your body in a way that feels safe, without force. 


As we progress, we will introduce more advanced movements - but ‘advancement’ is not the goal.

The goal is in the experience. You can read more about my approach and the framework I use here