student testimonials 

“I really enjoy learning English with Kate!


She always prepares my lesson’s article or video beforehand. Also, she chooses the topic very carefully and it exactly matches my level and interests. It is a perfect opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge and perspective. To be specific, learning about UK’s culture or history with her detailed explanation is very interesting and really helps me understand more about UK. Also, it naturally leads to the improvement of my English ability.


After every lesson, she always send me a feedback. It helps me realise the words or grammar I misunderstood before and the tips to speak English more fluently.


Before taking her class, I wasn’t confident enough to speak English with other people, but recently this class motivates me to speak more and learn more.” 


~ Kikuko, Tokyo



"Kate always gives me interesting content, which is timely and personalized. It's not too easy, a little bit difficult for me. Every time she gives the topic before the lesson, so I have time to prepare for that if it is difficult.

Kate has a good memory of me, so sometimes she combines the topic of the lesson to my situation or interest. It motivates me to study more.

Some topics are about the culture or the government of the U.K. which I am not so familiar with. It is a good opportunity for me to know and have an opinion about them.

We sometimes exchange our perspectives and information, and I feel open to them.

I feel very comfortable in our lessons. She tries to understand me, even if I make mistakes or need time to talk. She rephrases what I want to say, and gives memos during or after the lesson."

~Yosuke, Tokyo