"Kate offers a perfect balance between the often 'mechanical' and stigmatized traditional psychologist and the 'crunchy granola' holistic type methods.


She uses an intellectual approach to a wide range of acute adult problems; whether this is stress management, anxiety, or just general day-to-day improvements in mental and physical health."


~ Tim, Growth Lead in tech, Canada  

Kate's intuitive approach really helped me to manage my anxiety and develop a healthier relationship with my work, body and life.


She has the perfect mixture of knowledge and care. I felt immediately at ease in her sessions.


~ Julie, teacher, UK


As soon as we started working during the sessions I was able to move forward with some situations that had me stuck in life.

~ Felipe, mechanical engineer, Colombia


It's as though Kate was born to teach movement and meditation. She has taught me what it feels like to be grounded. 

~ Joel, interpreter, Taipei

"I really appreciated Kate’s natural ability to listen in and ask some essential questions.


I notice now that this gave me an opportunity to take a look at the big picture.  Those questions would plant a seed in my unconscious, creating ripples that would touch all areas of my life. 


I am noticing myself to be more intentional at the same time, enjoying and treasuring subtleties in my life.


Thank you Kate for gently guiding me through and offering to help when the help was most needed, and playing an important role on my journey!"

~ Yo, project manager, Japan

*some names have been changed for confidentiality